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The Winning Mindset
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Have you ever wondered why you are not achieving the results you deserve? Have you ever wondered why some people achieve at a higher level than others? If you answered yes to the previous questions, this book was written with you in mind.

The Winning Mindset is a compilation of stories and strategies to help you achieve maximum results in your life. The authors share their expertise from a variety of fields including education, financial planning, mental health, entrepreneurship, professional athletics, and world-renowned speakers. Each of the chapters will help you achieve a higher level in your life.

The strategies have been proven by the results achieved by each author. The question is … are you ready to tap into The Winning Mindset?

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Black Men Love

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In today’s culture, the concepts of black men and love are rarely discussed together.  Black Men Love is a book written by black men, sharing their stories and experiences with love.  These 14 men have come from various backgrounds to express their deep and intimate feelings on love, despite the obstacles and negative cultural surroundings. 

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We all have been impacted by amazing influences in our lives. We create an everlasting ripple effect by learning lessons from those that have impacted us. When we apply those lessons, we are able to make our world a better place. 


The Impact of Influence Vol. 2, Using Your Impact to Create a Life of Influence is overflowing with wisdom from visionary author, Chip Baker, and 18 other powerful influencers who have discovered their paths to success. They are influencing many and impacting generations. The inspirational stories within the pages of this book will inspire you to make a positive difference for those around you.


This empowering compilation highlights men that have faced challenges head on, learned from them and pulled the blessings from the lessons. They now impact our world in an amazing way.

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The Impact of Influence Vol. 2

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Suited for Success Vol. 2

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#1 Bestseller

We all have an innate desire to be successful. Yet, paralysis occurs when we don’t know how to achieve the success for which we long. The truth is–it’s hard to be what you have never seen. That is why representation matters, and what better way to show the next generation what great things men of color are doing than to write about it. 
Suited for Success, Vol. 2 are 25 Inspirational Stories on getting prepared for your journey to success.  This book is overflowing with wisdom from visionary author, PK Kersey, and 25 other bold men who have discovered their paths to success and are blazing a trail for those who dare to follow.  The inspirational stories within the pages of this book will challenge you to walk in your own greatness.  This empowering anthology highlights men of color who have fought through challenges, stood on faith, and would not quit.

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